About Us

Aimee Ziller
Carol Nieblas
Vice President
Devon Wyman
Kassandra Jaramillo

Club Meetings

Club Meetings are held the Third Wednesday of the Month @ 6:30pm. The meeting place will be announced each month. Members and prospective members are encouraged to arrive early to enjoy a nice dinner.

The Friesian Horse Club of Southern California was created approximately 1986, we are one of the first chapters established under the oversight of FHANA (Friesian Horse Association of North America). ¬†Since then the Friesain Horse Club of Southern California and it’s members with their horses have promoted, participated and been involved in special event’s such as the opening of the Superbowl, the Rose Parade, the first Friesian Extravaganza, Music Videos, Movies, TV, Advertisements. The Friesian Horse Club of Southern California also attends events with our members such as Parades, Horse shows of all types, Beach outings, Picnics, Pleasure Ride and Drives and anything else that our members can have fun.

Our Goals and Purpose

Mission Statement:

To foster an educated community of equestrians who first and foremost promote, preserve and protect the welfare of the Friesian horse and foster fairness in competition. To accomplish said purposes the FHCSC will use as guidelines the Bylaws and Regulations of the FPS (Friesch Paarden Stamboek), the parent organization of FHANA, and of FHANA itself.

The Goal of the FHCSC is to:

Promote the Friesian Horse in North America.

Educate the public as to the beauty, uses and significance of our breed.

Preserve the qualities of the Friesian Horse in accordance with the standards of the KFPS, the original Dutch registry responsible for the preservation and advancement of the Friesian breed of today.

Enjoy our Friesians in the company of other Friesian owners and lovers from both near and far.

Invite others to join us and share the Magic of these wonderful horses, whether they own a Friesian or just want to learn more.

Provide social activities to unite the Southern California Friesian horse owners and all other enthusiasts and will provide a contact for the national organization.